Proposals Caught On Camera!

OMg these are friggin adorable

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One proposal trend we’re seeing everywhere is hiring a photographer to catch the big moment. Call them proposal paparazzi photographers if you will — either way, they make for seriously tear-jerking photos.

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Sunday Study Blues

So i’ve been a shitty blogger, sorry. I figured this would happen somewhere along the line. I figure no one cared or noticed anyway haha.

Currently in the middle of exam season. **womppp womp**
I wrote one exam on Friday at 9am. Which was 150 multiple choice which were friggin tough! Unfortunately the exam is worth 55% so my better than average mark going into the exam probably wont help all that much in the end. Ah well, just gotta keep on truckin. So after that exam I had a paper due at 4pm (strict deadline) any later and you automatically lose 10 of 30 points. yikes. So thaaaat was a mad dash. I got it in at 3:55 and I had to lay down after because I was so worked up.

So now I’m working on my Classical Social Theory final exam assignment. –puke– take homes in addition to exams is quite possibly the worst combination there is. Your studying is always gunna be put on the back burner til that paper is done. Just terrible. Anyways I somehow managed to bang out 3 pages last night, after getting nothing done all day. So I went to bed feeling good about it.

After my 4th alarm this morning, I rolled out of bed a little after 8 and made some blueberry oatmeal pancakes followed by a coffee. Decided to check my email while sipping my coffee to stimulate my ticker.. well, I got a little too stimulated and ended up on Forever 21 making an order, woopsie. I always make orders then convince myself not to get anything. Thankfully. Since I can not afford it right now. Besides, christmas is comin and I shouldn’t be buying presents for myself anyways… does anyone else have this problem???

Couple pics to share, I had X-ring on Monday.

IMG_1616 IMG_1650

The night was a colossal disaster with my best friends starting a chick fight and one landing in jail and now some crazy girl is trying to press charges. But regardless of that, I was pretty happy with how I looked overall. My dress wasn’t as violently tight as it was when I bought it. The 15 days leading up to the event, I only missed one day at the gym.

Now however is a different story… I sit at my laptop and eat candy and beef jerky all day long.

I always look forward to getting fat during the holidays… nawt.

In other news, I saw this sweater on F21 which made me think I may be able to recreate it with ease since I have a very similar one I got at Gap last spring $9.49 from like 50+ ~bam~ it is more cropped but the color scheme is the same.. I feel like I may or may not end up looking butchy.. we shall see. But that would require actually leaving my house, and for the last week I have barely ventured out of my house and certainly haven’t been wearing anything besides sweatpants and pajamas. I’m doing well for putting a sports bra on this morning.

Alright well considering I have somehow managed to waste almost 2 hours I better get back at this paper.

Its Been A While.

Haha I can’t help but think of that Staind song when I hear that. Now its stuck in my head.

I haven’t blogged in a while!

I’m one busy lady… School has been insane. And showing no signs of slowing down.

This weekend I have a paper for my Social Classical Theory class due Sunday..

And need to do up a presentation due Tuesday with 2.5 pg write up. That will be the easy part… I HATE PRESENTATIONS. My hear rate goes through the roof and I stutter. Anyone else like this??? I’m just going to have to really know my stuff and make sure I practice.

I also have an assignment due in stats on Monday, which I thought was due today so most of it is done, not sure if I did it right. I’ll have another look at it

In more exciting news,

I found earrings for Xring! I got them in Halifax at The Vault. They were almost as much as my friggin dress, but hey. They’re perfect:)

Gahhh They’re so sparkly !

My sister was home this time last weekend and it was so nice to see her. She brought her new puppy ! It is safe to say, I am in love with him!

He is so ardobes! I can’t wait for them to come back at xmas!

I also snagged some new red lipstick on my last Shoppers run!

Now the question is whether or not I’ll have the balls to wear it ever…

Annnnd moving on to my life recently via pictures

This happened.

The devastation was more than I could manage… I went home and cried. Pathetic.

I then drowned my sorrows in Hollandaise sauce and dirty martinis

Went out with friends Monday and Wednesday of this week. I dont know what is getting into me and my grandma hermit ways.. And I’m pretty sure they want to get on er aggggggain tonight. Hoping to sneak out of town for a movie if my boyfriend decides to remove the stick from his ass… (lil cranky today)

Lastlyyy. Rocked my new headband from Aldo yesterday.

So cozy! But it is rather large… I’m hoping to find a smaller version before it really starts to get chilly.

Ahhh time to get started on lunch! Its only 11:40 but my tummy is not a happy camper!

Then I definitely need to get my arse to the gym.. stupid empty calories in alcohol.. Not to mention I get so irritable if I dont work out! The Gym is my Zanex.

No work this weekend! Unless I get called in on Saturday. Unfortunate because I am onnnnnne Poor lady right meow. Which is why i dont have $200 to spend on a new iphone right before xmas. Considering I paid for my X ring (University School ring) yesterday. $ 944 gaaaaaaah.

Its not even nice, but eh, its tradition.

And its a great excuse to buy a new dress and get dolled up. 17 daaaaayz

Enjoy your day and weekend everyone!!

Weekend plans

What a beautiful day for a Friday!

chilly but sunny and beautiful none the less!

Breakfast was :

  • 1/2 english muffin with pb&j ( my fav combo for toast )
  • 1 whole egg + 1 white scrambled with red and green pepper and some bruschetta mix for a punch of flavor! SO good
  • Coffee to go!

Class this morning 8-10

I decided Friday morning classes are definitely a plus for me. They get me out of bed! and the fact that I have 2 means that I don’t go back to bed.

I headed over to the comp lab to do some work until I got way to hungry to even think.

Came home to the boys (brother / father ) making messes in the kitchen getting in my way.

Made a delicious fruit smoothie then reheated some leftover spaghetti.

So. Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary…He loves me.. I swear… He just hates pictures. Gotta work on that

The only thing I can think of to get him is cuff links? but I think that this is too big of a gift for our anniversary. Esp where I’m going to take a wild guess and say he didn’t get me anything extravagant (aka i know he didn’t get me anything) So I’m thinking I will wait and get him a really nice pair for xmas. I think we’re gunna do a little dinner and movie date. Hopefully I’ll remember to snap some pics!

Anyone have any advice? something cute I could make or give him? was having a designer handbag event today (not usually that good of a deal, maybe $20-50 off max. but I always look. I saw a long silver Michael Kors Chain link necklace.. It was listed for like $120. So I’m currently hunting ebay. In the hunt I found some rather gorgeous gems!

Enjoy your day everyone!

Chilly old Tuesday

Jeeeze I am just chilled to THE BONE today! especially my feet😦

Just can’t seem to heat up. fortunately I know one very efficient way of doing it…

Get my butt to the gym. Which I plan on doing very soon.

I have been planning out my life for the next 3 weeks. with all my midterms and assignments it is just going to be a disgusting period of time for me. I have a minimum of 3 assignments/midterms every week for the next 3 weeks.

Today I submitted my Social Classical Theory paper (electronic submission woot)… then after attending class I’m thinking I won’t do as well as I did on the previous paper. This one was a little tougher.

Last night after I finished up my paper I hopped on the elliptical for about 35 mins. Nothing to award brownie points for, but hey its better than nothing.

My mom and I made some moroccan tomato soup from a Canadian Living recipe in the crock pot which was absolutely delicious! I’ll definitely be making up another batch sometime soon. Had a nice kick to it !

*Canadian Living Website*

Here’s the recipe for anyone who’s interested!


  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 2 tbsp (30 mL) packed brown sugar
  • 2 tsp (10 mL) chili powder
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp (2 mL) pepper
  • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt
  • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) cayenne pepper
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 1 can (28 oz/796 mL) chopped tomatoes
  • 2 cups (500 mL) water
  • 1/4 cup (60 mL) tomato paste
  • 1 tbsp (15 mL) red wine vinegar
  • 3/4 cup (175 mL) smooth peanut butter


In slow cooker, combine onions, garlic, sugar, chili powder, cumin, pepper, salt, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Stir in tomatoes, water, tomato paste and vinegar.

Cover and cook on low for 5 to 8 hours.

Add peanut butter; using immersion blender, purée soup until smooth.

Next on our list is the turkey and sweet potato!

So basically over the next few weeks I am going to be doing nothing of excitement or interest.

Thankfully I do have one thing to look forward to, and that is the arrival of my sister and her puppy Jace on Remembrance Day weekend!

He’s a king charles cavalier / poodle mix ! and I can’t wait to meet him!!

No need for boring people like myself to have blogs.

Work last night was uneventful, but hey its 7 hrs on my paycheck plus tips. Can’t complain.

Today is all about school work .

Assignments due Tuesday and Wednesday.

Just took a bit of a breather for some lunch. which was a little piece of leftover chicken with sauteed orange pepper, mushroom, kale with some sundried tomato paste and a little grated parmesan. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was.

Brewed myself some mint chocolate roobios (David’sTea). Yum!

I am getting somewhat distracted by “Breaking Amish” that shit is RIDIC.

Time to go back to my study dungeon.



yay weekend?

Hello hello.

So it is officially the weekend . WHICH MEAAANS….

dun dun dun.. I have so much work to do

2 assignments; one due tuesday the other wednesday. then the normal weekly two in my other classes. Working tomorrow 3 til close, as the shift leader so all my work needs to happen in the morning/early afternoon.

I’m just having some lunch and relaxing.

lunch consisted of leftover chicken and sweet potato with a fruit smoothie. Tried out putting kale in my smoothie and it worked out pretty good! no taste whatsoever. just some little green flecks. (also had greek yogurt, half a banana, frozen strawberries, raspberries and mango and some tropicana passionfruit blend to get it all going)

I’m actually pretty full and I’ve only had about half of what I portioned out to eat. Hmm.

I didn’t wear anything overly exciting today.
-dark wash gap trouser jeans
-blue and white plaid a&f shirt

Gunna grab a coffee then do some work while I digest my lunch!

Hope everyones weekend will be better than mine

Rocky start Tues

Last night I got an email from my prof “tomorrows 8:15 is cancelled”.

And I’m all like woo, ya, awesome.

Then today. I got up at 730 to be nice and make T breakfast with the intention of going back to bed/sleep.

But my cat Reese (I love her dearly but…) WOULDN’T SHUT THE HELL UP!?

Oh my good god. I’m talkin like howling at the moon. Like I’m trying to get some sleep and she’s going nuts. And to make things even better, while using my face as a stepping stone she jumped leaving me with a nice big scratch across the side of my chin. like rrrrreally? I can’t even tell you how rattled I was.

Then, to make my already irritable state near volcanic eruption, my mom texted me as asked if I’d drive my dad to the gym. (He doesn’t drive, weird, I know) and I’m like (in my head) could he not ask me 45 minutes ago when I was upstairs and awake? Totally not a big deal on a regular day, but given my state of aggravation this ticked me off more than it should’ve. So I just told myself to take a couple deep breaths and relax. None of this is a big deal. And it worked. Very proud of myself for not saying anything out rightly rude.

So the day had a bit of a rocky start. But after I got almost an hour sleep while dad was at the gym, and had a delicious breakfast and big fat coffee, I’m doing quite well.

I lovvvve me some avocado

I don’t have class until 12:45, so I was going to try and get some of my assignment done.. but I got on the computer started checking my email and dealing with bills, my time has really got away from me!..

I’m thinking this little scratch from my lovely kitty is going to take some effort to cover.. so I may just skip the assignment work for now and work on my personal appearance (you know, the important stuff)

Its rainy but muggy out.. So I’m trying to find a way to wear my MK rain boots and not look like a bum…

I usually wear them with leggings but I wore leggings yesterday… and I tend to try and steer away from them EVERY day because that’s usually what I do in the winter.

Hmmm… I’ll let ya’ll know what I come up with!

My tip for the day:

If your feeling irritated and stressed just try to take a couple deep breaths and put it into perspective. Most of us are pretty lucky and things aren’t usually as bad as they seem.


So I caved and wore leggings. and a floral print, collared F21 shirt.
did my hair somewhat nicely. Whatevs.

Then by 2pm I was just starving So I made a rather substantial lunch.

Chicken with a spicy mayo sauce and sauteed kale, onion, mushroom & red pepper and of courrrrrrse avocado.

Then i was way too full to go to the gym.. so I sat around and sort of tried to do an assignment which wasn’t going very well . Then we were supposed to go up to T’s moms for supper. Where I had a big plate of spinach salad, cheese vegetables (as I’ve posted about before) and sausage and pepper penne.

Sooo ya. Feeling a little guilty about todays intake.. Hoping to go down in my gym and hop on the tredmill/elliptical for at least half an hour.

Just having some tea trying to settle my stomach.

Mooooore updates!
We had a little joint work out in my home gym, 25 mins on the elliptical. A mile on the treadmill followed by 5 mins on incline.

Go us!

Now in watching the Nashville pilot rehydrating!

Another Sleepy Monday

Well hello.

Hard  getting up this morning! I was cold and sleepy, and therefore my bed was the only place I wanted to be. I eventually made it out. But getting ready was done with minimal effort.With only 2 classes and not much time on campus I figure a monday outfit isn’t that important.

Aka: no heat styling to hair, threw a braid in to look half put together.

outfit consisted of salt&pepper lulu leggings, white long sleeve gap shirt, pink gap cardi, and peach h&m scarf. minimally (for me) accessorized with rose gold juicy watch, rose golf studs, and 3 stacked gold rings .

I also had some fun with my nails on the weekend, hopefully it holds up. Nothing worse than spending a significant amount of time on your nails then like 1 day later you have a chip.

Some snippits of todays outfit.

*Hurray for accent nails!*

[lilac color is Quo by Orly in Lilac Lust, and the purple sparkly is Sephora by OPI in I Don’t Bite]

[bottom two rings from Hautelook, top one was found at work in the customer bathroom years ago haha… some chick is missing her promise ring.. oops, no one ever came looking for it]

[This scarf definitely spiced up the outfit. only $12 at H&M this summer. I love the peachy color paired with the leopard print]

  • Breakfast was the usual egg white on toast with ham & cheese and a black cherry greek yogurt. Coffee to go.
  • Lunch : apple, leftover salad with chicken.

In other news, my cold has substantially subsided after getting on some antibiotics. Feeling well enough to get to the gym thankfully. Probably wont do any running just because breathing might be difficult haha.

T is taking a nap, I am seriously into the back to back 2 part CSI that is going on right now haha.. I always said it doesn’t take much for me to get into a show/movie. I’m also a big fan of Hawaii five 0 and criminal minds.

Anyone else an avid crime show watcher?

Shortly I think I’ll go get suited up for the gym and wake him from his slumber.

Hope every one is having a decent Monday!

Another weekend is here!


When I got home from school I set up a lil make shift photo shoot cause I was feeling guilty for not posting a pic of my outfit! haha

So I was going to just update my post from yesterday.

But since it is FRIDAY I figured the post most definitely deserved its own designation.

Wooooooooooooooooo FRIDAY

Ok. Enough of that.

Class this morning. Felt good to hand in two assignments. 8:15 , 9:15  –wam.bam.thankyouma’am—

Then because I was feeling extra productive I decided to hop over to the computer lab and get a head start on my freshly issued assignment for next Friday. It consisted of graphs and spreadsheets. I am thankfully quite tech savvy, but even I had a hard time figuring most of it out. But, all is well and its all figured out… Too bad the printer in this joint is a JOKE. Like you can’t print a darn thing off with out problems.

On another, but not completely unrelated topic… A woman came into my Research methods class on Thursday to talk about Dalhousie’s MBA program. And I should email her and tell her what a good job she did because it really spiked my interest! I must say, I never thought an MBA program would be something I’d gravitate to, but it seems pretty cool? Not to mention a pretty respectable degree. Anyways, I definitely don’t have the marks for my 3rd year because my average was in the dumps due to stats, biomechanics, and anatomy. But I think this year will be better, and if I had to I could always come back and upgrade. My Soc prof was trying to convince me to major in soc instead of minor. He did a sufficient job of pumping my tires enough so that I might just consider it.

Have you done an MBA? Undergrad degree? School’s or programs you’d recommend?

Enough of my boring life plans. On to more exciting things such as my outfit.

I don’t usually take pics because they look shitty and non-legit… must work on that…

*note to self* : set up photoshoot studio… bahah ok.

Burnt orange v neck blouse [F21]
[Guess] dark wash jeggings
[Juicy] rose gold/black silicone watch
chain link peach & rose gold bracelet [H&M]
Brown & Navy printed scarf [JOEfresh]
Boots: camel flat buckle [Steve Madden]

Tyson has his “personal development” day haha whatever that means?! All I know is he left the house in dress clothes.. I guess I’ll get the scoop from him later today.

Work out last night was great. I was so into it that I zoned out on the eilliptical and went over the time limit!? I NEVER DO THAT. Anyways. I’m hoping to have another great one today after I get some lunch in me.

Breakfast today was pancakes! I was feeling a little celebration to start my weekend

1 pkg of maple brown sugar extra protein oatmeal
couple spoonfulls of vanilla activia yogurt
2 egg whites
¼ cup of flour to dry the mizture up a bit

Topped with a tsp of nutella, honey and fresh blueberries!

They were delicious.

I also had a granola bar while at the library.

Not quite sure what I’m going to have for lunch… my fridge is looking majorly sparse

What’s your favorite weekend ritual??

For lunch I ended up having a bowl of homemade turkey vegetable soup and a chicken wrap !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My mom also happened to make a bajillion chocolate chip cookies… SERIOUSLY mom??? Trying to get in shape over here.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!!